Booster PacksEdit

Booster packs Contain 3 cards and they can be cards from the common and uncommon rarities.

Intro DecksEdit




Special ItemsEdit



The promotions change every week and an update will be posted on the Confrontation Facebook page. Some promotions that come back reguarly are:

First T​op-UpEdit

Buying gold for the first time in the week gives you the coice of getting some free gold, a free card or a free Talisman.

Daily SaleEdit

Dicounted booster packs, up to 30% off. This resets every day.


This section of the game has not changed in the last couple of months, it points out the recruitement award section of the game. Nothing to buy here.

Limited items on saleEdit

Usually you can buy a Core pack for 500 gems which unlocks the next item on sale which is usually a Faction Booster Pack. The Last choice will probably be a Royal Booster Pack. 

Imporant is to keep in mind that the items reset every day, so if you plan to get the Royal Booster Pack you have to do that the same day. 


After spending a certain amount of gold in a week you get a feedback reward. For example it could be that you spend 50 gold and get a free Talisman. After spending 250 gold you get a free Royal Booster Pack and so on.