The Scenario battles will be the first game modus you will encounter when you start playing the game. It is an Player VS Enviroment (PvE) game modus where you fight against many different pre-defined decks.

With every fight you can win Silver, Gems, various cards and Summoning Materials. You will get XP with every fight as well which is needed to level up.

The Scenarios battles are devided into different Chapters, each with 5-9 battles. Along with every Chapter there is a little piece of text that put together tell a story.


Every Scenario Chapter (except the first one, 1.1) can be replayed for extra rewards but will usually cost more Silver than what will be rewarded. It's a very good way to get some good cards that don't drop so often when you open Reward Packs.

When you want to replay a certain battle you have to replay the whole Chapter.

Force Of NatureEdit

Info about the chapter

Shallow GraveEdit


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