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Prepaid SerialEdit

On occasions Confrontation will give away a card or some gold as a promotion of the game, they provide a code to unlock this. In this tab you can enter the code, after reloading the game you will receive the reward.

Leveling upEdit

The leveling system in the game serves two main purposes. It gives new players a way to win Gems in large amounts and it determines which Rag'Naroks you can attack. The amount of xp you need to level up increases with every level. Once you reach 45/50 leveling up will start to go very slow.

Summoning MaterialsEdit

When you want to summon a Rag'Narok you need summoning materials. You can obtain them by completing and replaying Scenarios, accepting Gifts, opening Rewards Chests from Skirmish.

Defeated Rag'Naroks can also drop Summoning Materials that are more rare.


For attacking Rag'Naroks and playing Scenarios you need Energy. Every day you start with 80 Energy, this replenishes with 1 Energy every 5 minutes. 

There are other ways to get extra engery as well, when fighting off Babarian Invasions in your Fortress Army you will occasionally get 2 to 6 Energy instead of Silver. When you obtain the Lord Reward in the Arena you can get 30/60 Energy as well.

The Confrontation Treasure has a chance (11.574%) of dropping 60 Energy.

You can also buy extra Energy with Gold but this is very expensive.