"Confrontation" is a well-known miniature war game produced by Rackham, in October 2012, Userjoy Technology Co., Ltd has released an imagination of the game, in a form of self-acting card battle game. Since then, there has been more than 100,000 players.

This card game tells a mysterious lore in continent of Aarklash, which is shrouded in wars and horrors by Dark empires. In this medieval era, knights, wizards, priests, and barbarians assemble armies to fight against each other and against unknown creatures like wolfen or orcs. The entire world is at war and all are fighting for the supremacy of the continent. It gives players the opportunity to build their own cards decks, to be able to battle with their friends, or fight in tournaments to test their skills and tactics. 

Besides just battling the story mode, there are a vast of different play styles, ranging from single player campaign, to tournaments with players around the world, and even teaming up with other players to defeat large monsters and share the loot! The game offers a detailed tutorial to help players to start play and learn the rules, this Wiki will provide more in-dept information about the game modes & mechanics.

In Confrontation Web Card Game the success depends on a ideal combination between an intelligently way to build decks, and a bit of luck.


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Each game represents a battle between mighty wizards, who employ spells, items, and creatures depicted on individual cards to defeat their opponents. Although there is little influence you have during the battles, the game play is mainly focuses on deck building. The game is considered a collectable card game (CCG), as you acquire more and more cards over the time you play. Confrontation hosts daily tournaments and scenarios, where you can win more cards you can add to your strategy.

The game have various features and play modes. The modes/factions Rag'Narok, Cadwallon, Arena are similar based on the expansions released for the tabletop miniature game.

Fan pages & other links

The game itself, you need a facebook account to play.
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Add Me's
Facebook group for new players, post here if you want other players to add you.
Rag'Narok Deck Data
Spreadsheet of Rag'Narok deck contents [WIP]
Journey into Gaming
A breakdown of the game mechanics, interesting article

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