This mode is catered for casual gamers. Besides obtaining rewards as you battle, you could face other players as well to see how well you fare. There aren't any penalties for this system, no Energy or Silver is required to play.

Each bracket there are a total of 20 Daily victories. That means that after you win 20 times, the reward stops, but you can still continue fighting. So in other words, the highest Winning Streak for the day is 20, and you could get quite nice rewards from it. 

Rules and Reward Detail:Edit

1) There are 5 total brackets each with their own daily victories and restriction. (so you have a total of 100 possible victories each day). Also there are achievements bind to these battles, with exclusive cards that can only be obtained though this achievement. This way, no matter how casual you are, you will still have access to these cards.

2) Stone of Heroes (Summoning Material ) will be given out to players each 10 and 20 wins respectively.

3) Lord Rewards: Once you are a lord, you will be able to open the chest that can only be opened by Lords. They range from Energy, Gems orStones. The amount you get from the Lord Reward chest is not very high (30 Energy for example).

NOTE: Only players with 10 winning streaks are eligible for the Lord title. There are only 1 Lord per bracket, and that would be counting the Winning Streak count. So if for example, today Ziao won 12 Winning Streaks, he is the Lord. Then all of a sudden Mini Ziao gets 13 Winning Streak, then he will gain the new Lord title. However, the Lord Reward are Global, so that means they will all share the same cool down regardless of who obtain the new title. 

4) Highest Winning Streak is 20. The first one to achieve this Winning Streak will have the Lord Title for good until it resets.

5) Lord title resets everyday at 15:00 (GMT+0)

6) Each day, the Arena will start with NPCs battling the players, then soon players will come across each other

7) Whenever a player has a winning streak 1 or 0 less than the current lord, that player will face the lord for their next battle.

NOTE: Because of a system conflict with the different time zones it is possible to get up to 40 wins before the timer resets. Confrontation is trying to work out how to solve this problem.

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